Thoughts on the Democratic Primaries to Date

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on March 18, 2020

Primary motivation: Pundits are characterizing the Democratic primary, now down to Bernie v. Biden, as a contest between the progressive and establishment wings of the party. Based on the primary results, actual Democratic voters are not thinking that way at all. They are thinking practically and sequentially.

Consider what happens when a victim of a serious car crash is brought into a hospital emergency room. What does the doctor do first? He or she stabilizes the patient. Stops the bleeding. Applies oxygen. Restores the vitals. Then the doctor can think about recovery, healing and reconditioning.

This is what is going on in the minds of Democratic voters, I think. It is certainly what is going on in mine. America has had a car crash, which is Trump. We need to do first things first. Stop the bleeding. Get Trump and all his corrupt and incompetent family, enablers and sycophants out of the White House. Supply oxygen. Get the government up to full staff with competent people. Restore the vitals. Reinstate traditional institutions and norms. Then we can discuss where we go from here.

But first, get that pig part presidential prick gone. Do it first, do it now. This is why voters are gravitating to Biden, who represents the best candidate to accomplish the crucial first step. Then we can discuss how far left we want to move, which I think is considerable.

By 2018, it was clear what a colossal mistake we had made electing Trump. But he wasn’t on the ballot, so we began tossing out who we could of his minions, often replacing them with considerably more liberal candidates. This is what makes me think the country is ready to move further to the left when government is restored.

In a recent Sunday New York Times, Frank Bruni wrote the predictable piece near the end of every quadrennial primary season that the loser was also a winner, because he or she had succeeded in shifting the dialogue and narrative. This is banal, but it is also true, and it is also a good thing.

Sudden thought: Millennials can no longer vote in large enough numbers to get Bernie nominated, but they can vote in small enough number in November to let Trump sneak in again, which would be a disaster.

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