Thoughts on Events the Week of March 16

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on March 23, 2020

Those of you old enough, do you remember when President Reagan said, “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem?” It turns out Reagan was right. When you staff the government with thieving gypsies and incompetents and people determined to tear the institutions of government down, when a crisis comes along, Trump’s government does become the problem. We’re seeing that right now.

States, municipalities, corporations, charities, medical professionals and individuals are making Herculean efforts to address Covid-19. The only ones failing miserably at their task is the Federal government.

Actually, the Feds’ performance is worse than failing; it’s exacerbating the crisis. The White House is spewing out misinformation and happy talk while the country is in deep viral doo doo. Like Hurricane Katrina when George W. Bush was president, Covid-19 was always going to be bad, but the president is making it worse. Many people are going to die needlessly due to this pig part.

Pants wetter in chief: Almost immediately after he was elected, President Trump’s detractors questioned his ability to handle a true crisis situation, given his mental weakness, his ignorance, his lack of curiosity, corrupt character, inability to tell the truth and his narcissism.

It’s doubtful these pundits had Covid-19 in mind when thinking about potential disasters Trump might face, but they were spot on in their doubts Trump would handle any crisis competently, even those he created himself. Now we know; he can’t. Leaders walk on water in a crisis. Trump is passing water in this one.

Covid-19 is a perfect storm for Trump. It is dead serious, global and unmoved by tweets. It is egalitarian – an equal opportunity plague that can infect anyone easily and doesn’t check passports or recognize borders. It lays Trump bare for everyone to see what a pathetic human, let alone a leader, he truly is.

He knew it all the time: Trump now says he knew early on that Covid-19 would cause a pandemic. Trump is so stupid he doesn’t realize that if he knew a pandemic was coming while telling the American people it is a hoax, that makes him more despicable than he already is. What must it be like to be incapable of telling the truth and unable to admit a single mistake?

Sickly Senate: Both Romney and Paul have tested positive for Corvid-19 and are self-isolating. On the last Senate vote on a relief package, the vote was 47-47 and the measure failed. (If I were a Democratic Senator, I wouldn’t have voted for the bill either. It resembled Trump’s tax cut, which gave all the benefits to rich corporations and screwed everyone who works for a living.)

This means that only 94 senators voted at all. Presumably, other senators are self-isolating than just Romney and Paul. This raises some interesting possibilities.

Since Republicans, broadly, are taking fewer precautions than Democrats, what if more Republican Senators get sick than Democratic ones to the point Democrats have the majority. Would McConnell still be the Senate Majority Leader? Would it matter? Senate Democrats may be able to take over the senate and put an end to McConnell’s shenanigans.

More interesting still, what if so many senators get sick that the senate can’t raise a quorum? How will the legislative branch function then?

Worst State: The cup this week goes to Texas, thanks to the dumbest sombitch in the House, Louis Gohmert. Gohmert held up the House financial relief bill for a couple of days. When I want to call someone stupid, I call them a Gohmert.  

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