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Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on April 6, 2020

April Fool’s Day: To state the obvious, Trump’s prediction that our Covid-19 deaths would go to zero, and that the whole disease would magically disappear by April was a cruel joke.

Trump is now nodding in the affirmative at the experts’ opinion that deaths from the virus in the U.S. could rise to the hundreds of thousands, but he still hems and haws about taking truly aggressive action to address it, leaving the hard work to governors and mayors and individuals. Perhaps it’s just as well; they’re all more capable of rational action than he. But, rest assured, when the virus finally does subside, Trump will take credit for it.

Trump said Saturday night that there is “a lot of death ahead,” as if it were something he knew but we didn’t, though we did know, and he was in denial about it. But things would have been worse if he hadn’t been a superhero. What a pig part!

The price of being stupid: One expert opined that for every day that we are not in lockdown, deaths will increase about 15% per day in state where there is not one, due to their failure to do so. Counting from the day Trump banned travelers from China but has done almost nothing since, I may be able to calculate per state how many Covid-19 deaths Trump is personally responsible for. I’ll let you know what I am able to work out.

Note: the deaths can’t all be laid at Trump’s feet. Some Republican governors are guilty of some of them, due to their own misfeasance. I’m looking at you, Florida Governor DeSantis. I’ll try to factor that into my calculations.

On a related note, Thomas Massie, the miserable low-down Kentucky Republican Congressperson who held up the relief package vote by a day or two and forced his colleagues to return to D.C. to vote his mischief down, has earned himself a primary opponent. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving individual.

Sunday Disservices:  Rodney Howard-Browne, the Florida mega-church minister who held Sunday Services, drawing his flock into close proximity with one another, thus endangering their health and wellbeing, is still crowing about this defiance of common sense and disservice to his congregation. (As anyone who reads my stuff would surmise, I do not consider church an essential business.)

In my deepest, darkest fantasies, I would love to see this minister, and his entire gullible, superstitious flock, wiped out by the virus. In fact, I’d like to see all evangelicals go the way of all flesh gruesomely because of their hypocrisy and abandonment of moral principles in their genuflection to Trump. For one thing, it would wipe out the majority of Trump’s base just in time for the national election in November.

Of course, I can’t and don’t wish it. But I can fantasize about it.

Infrastructure money in the next relief package: This was a great idea 12 years ago when President Obama begged for it. It would have been a big help in recovering from Dubbya’s economic ruination then, because it would have put people to work. But I’m not sure fighting for the money in the current circumstances is the right time.

For one thing, it detracts from the immediate priority of fighting the virus. For another, I don’t see how the money can be intelligently spent right now, because people are supposed to stay at home and not get close to one another. It’s hard to see how you can do that and construct a road or bridge or anything else.

National Institutes of Health: Is it just me, or does this organization’s logo look like a football helmet?

Masks, I knew it all the time: Because I am a septuagenarian, and my immune system is badly compromised at present due to four surgeries on my broken jaw, I have tried to be very cautious about Covid-19, though my daughters say I am not being cautious enough, in part because I have been meeting with four other guys for a weekly poker game (we have suspended this game until further notice.)

American medical experts were at the time saying masks weren’t particularly helpful, but I wore a mask to the poker games and just about everywhere else anyway because Asians like them and they are pretty smart, so I thought why not? As I was wearing mine, I found a genuine benefit from them on my own: it kept me from touching my nose and mouth.

Since then, American experts have been coming around to recommending masks, and I was heartened when Dr. Manuel said one reason he was coming around is that masks keep you from touching your face. I’m feeling pretty smug.

Briefly noted: Trump fired Inspector General Michael Atkinson for doing his duty and reporting the whistleblower letter to Congress, which is Trumps’ right but shouldn’t be except for cause.

This is nothing but garden variety petty vindictiveness on the part of Trump, so common that it barely warrants mention, unless you care about proper functioning of a democratic government.

Worst State: I was tempted to give the cup to Arizona this week, because our Governor, Doug Ducey was very late to order the closure of non-essential businesses, and when he did it was with moronic exceptions, such as beauty salons and nail parlors. You can’t experience less social distancing than in one of those places, except, well, perhaps massage parlors. (I wonder if they’re on the list of exceptions.)

But I can’t single out Ducey, because there are other empty suit governors who have dithered and stalled also. Besides, Arizona is late for almost everything, including being the last state to recognize Martin Luther King Day.

As an aside: I often confuse Governor Doug Ducey with that blithering idiot Steve Doocy on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.” Though the spellings are different, the names are pronounced the same and the individuals have the same knuckle dragging I.Q.

I laughed out loud, literally, when I heard our Secretary of State and Kansas favorite son Mike Pompeo accuse Russia, China and Iran of spreading disinformation about Covid-19. Talk about the pot calling the kettle a liar. So, Kansas gets the cup this week over Pompeo’s mendacity, not stupidity.

Coming Attraction: As this was going to post, The Sunday New York Times reported that after the disclosure of Covid-19 in Wuhan, China, 430,000 people flew directly from China to the U.S., including 40,000 since Trump said he banned their entry. This news will require more study before comment.

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