Thoughts on Events the Week of April 6

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on April 12, 2020

Wisconsin: ignoring its own stay-at-home order, the Cheese Head State held its primary Tuesday, the only state with a primary scheduled in April not to postpone it, also refusing to adopt a mail-in only format, or even extending its mail-in deadline in response to the disruption of Covid-19, thus disenfranchising countless voters, even including those who requested mail-in ballot but had not yet received them.

This event brings into sharp relief the partisan divide between common sense on the one hand and determined ignorant spite on the other, not to mention a viciously partisan state supreme court, which has abandoned all pretense of judicial temperament.

The Republican Party has stopped trying to win votes and is now only trying to suppress them, because that’s what you do if voters don’t like your policies and you have no principles.

(An aside: the grandson of a friend and neighbor, a fine student who is already working at the Salk Institute, had narrowed his choice at which University to get his PhD to between the University of Chicago or the University of Wisconsin. On Tuesday, he chose Chicago over Wisconsin. I wonder why?)

Trump’s campaign rallies: I don’t watch Trump’s daily briefings on Covid-19 because they are not briefings at all, but surrogate political rallies, full of disinformation, happy talk, insults, media slamming and other lies. In other words, Trump’s typical disgusting farce.

However, I watched a few minutes of one recently, and I think the media is abetting Trump. They insist on asking questions about things Trump has said that are obviously lies, trying, I assume, to get him to tell the truth. This is futile. Trump is never going to tell the truth. The media are just giving him a chance to tell his lie again, helping him reinforce it.

I am now in the camp that the rallies shouldn’t be televised, only interviews with experts. Or in the alternative, charge trump’s campaign huge amounts to cover them and tag them as paid advertisements. They are, after all, nothing but campaign rallies.

Various and Sundry Inspectors General: Trump is firing them willy nilly, plus anyone whose functions resemble theirs, or anyone with any integrity, for that matter, because they insist on doing the right, responsible and/or legal thing, which shins a flashlight under the refrigerator where Trump and the other cockroaches abide.

Inspectors General, at least, are supposed to be independent, but so long as the executive branch can fire them at will, this is not possible. The only reason things have worked well so far is that there has never been a president corrupt enough to be truly afraid of them, only potentially embarrassed. There should be a limit to a president’s authority over IGs. Specifically, they should only be removeable for cause in the legal definition. Change the law.

Testing: I watch a lot of news about the virus because it is important, but there are two aspects of the information I am getting that frustrate me. First, I don’t think we know anything until there is much, much more testing. What we have done so far is an inconclusive smidgen.

Second, the numbers all seem to be expressed in absolutes. I would like to see them all reduced to per capita. For instance, ranking our number of cases and deaths to those in Spain or Italy or Sweden are meaningless to me unless they are reduced to account for the relative populations of the countries. Ditto for tests. Trump is bragging about their having been two million tests here, but two percent is a tiny fraction of our population. Other countries may be testing much higher percentages of their citizens (I’m certain most of them are), but the per capita calculation is not applied.

Re-Opening the economy: There is a silly debate as to when the economy should open back up and who will decide when that will be. Some say Trump and some say the virus. I say the economy will open up when people feel it’s safe enough to go back to work, and not before.

Linda Tripp died: I don’t say things like this very often. In fact, I try not to say or think them at all. But I am glad this miserable excuse for a human being is dead, and I’m happy that she is. Her betrayal of her “friend” Monica Lewinski exposed the worst kind of character. Iago was nicer to Othello.

As Lewinski herself said after Tripp sold her out, “I hate Linda Tripp.” Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Tomato/tomato: I say Trump’s base is determinedly ignorant. Jon Mecham thinks it is “willfully stupid.” You can decide.

Sudden Thought: How about firing everyone in the Trump administration remotely involved in the Navy chain of command and putting former Aircraft Carrier Teddy Roosevelt Captain Brett Crozier in charge? He seems to be the only one with the qualities required for leadership, and compassion for the personnel he commands.

Super Moon: One of these occurred this week. They occur when the moon is full and at a time when the moon is closer to Earth, which increases the impression. In fact, this moon occurred when it is closer to us than any other time this calendar year. I haven’t done the math (I’m not sure I could), but the moon was 14% closer to Earth than average, but the brightness appeared 30% greater. Interesting.

Worst State: Kansas is on a roll and gets the cup again this week because its Republican dominated legislature has overturned the Governor’s order prohibiting large gatherings, including religious services, so Kansans can all go to church on Easter and infect one another and those with whom they come in contact thereafter. You all deserve everything that happens to you.

As I publish, the Kansas State Supreme Court has sided with Democratic Governor Kelly and against the Republican legislative wackos, so religious crazies won’t be able to kill each other off after all, though I suspect some will still try.

(As an aside, the three hot spots in Kansas for Covid-19 all emanated from church gatherings. I’m just saying.)

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