Thoughts on Events the Week of April 13

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on April 20, 2020

“When somebody’s the president of the United States, the authority is total.” Kind of reminds you of Nixon and the good old days of criminality and corruption in the White House, doesn’t it?

Trump made this assertion and then backed off quickly, something he never does, but in this case with good reasons, not least of which is that he sounded like Nixon.

Next, it’s not true. The Constitution (10th Amendment) gives the states authority in areas not specifically given the federal government, and local policing authority is one of them.

More significant politically, Republicans have always been the party of states’ rights and Trump’s assertion upset a lot of Republican politicians. Clinging to their states’ rights mantra is how Republicans get away with disgusting things in some states, which they cannot get away with federally. Republicans want to hold onto that.

More worrisome to Trump, it must have dawned on him that if he has total authority, he has total responsibility, something he wants no part of. If he spreads the authority among the states, he can hope to dodge any blame.

That being said, make no mistake that, though the Federal Government doesn’t have the authority to boss states around on local matters, it has many ways to make a state’s life miserable if it doesn’t cooperate.

Trump’s check is in the mail: It would be laughable were it not so pathetic that Trump insisted his name be on the relief checks and then said he didn’t know how it happened. This poor, needy man.

Having Trump’s name on a check, even if it is just a blob and not the official signature (He’s not authorized to sign checks on the Treasury, thank goodness. He’s stealing enough from us already.), is not something that raises confidence. I can think of any number of things that Trump has insisted on putting his name on that have gone bankrupt, sideways or been criminally prosecuted.

As an aside, I have submitted a tax return and I receive Social Security, but I have not received a relief check with his name on it or otherwise. Not even a direct deposit. I’m just sayin’.

Shutting Down the Congress: Trump has threatened to do this if Congress doesn’t come back into session and approve his nominations. Setting aside that Republicans (I’m looking at you, Moscow Mitch) started the odious practice of keeping Congress open this way and did it routinely to President Obama to frustrate his appointments, Trump can’t shut down Congress except in extreme, specific circumstances that don’t apply here, and somehow I don’t see Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi embracing the idea.

Then there is the insult to the Constitution that Trump wants to make recess appointments to posts he hasn’t even submitted a permanent nominee for yet, because he knows the Senate couldn’t stomach many of them. Recess appointments were not intended to evade Congressional oversight. Not even Moscow Mitch will put up with this nonsense.

Close the Post Office: Though the Constitution requires a post office, Republicans have been trying to kill it for years, or at least privatize it so they can turn it over to their rich friends.

But now Trump has another incentive to kill the post office. It would put an end to those pesky mail in ballot arguments before the upcoming election.

One World Together at Home: I watched this special (at home) Saturday night. I did not intend to, but someone with influence on me suggested I do so I did, and I’m glad I did. It was overall a terrific, moving effort that had to overcome many technical obstacles due to the virus it was condemning.

One thing I enjoyed about it particularly was that it was basically an homage to the World Health Organization (WHO) and other do gooders, which Trump is trying to blame for his own failures. Practically every celebrity or expert thanked and/or praised the WHO. The show was basically saying “World to Trump: kiss our rosy red rectum.”  I could imagine Trump stewing in his orange juice upon hearing it. I expect a tweet storm soon.

Prediction: When the virus is finally under control, many new homes will be built with showers in the garage.

Worst state: All the worst states, save one, are resisting the social distancing and shelter at home guidance for containing Covid-19. What else would you expect from these sorry states?

That one state, surprisingly, is Arizona, who is doing a better job than the others. To be sure, it is not perfect. Remember last week when I said our useless Governor Doug Ducey had included some unworthy businesses on the essential list, such as hair parlors and nail salons? However, compared to the other worst states, we’re taking it pretty seriously. So, all the worst states except Arizona get a share of the cup this week.

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