Thoughts on Events the Week of April 20

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on April 26, 2020

Small Business Loans Program: The mishandling, corruption and fraud in administrating this program is emblematic of everything that is wrong with American politics today.

With this program, as with all such federal distribution programs, however they are set up in theory, when the lobbyists, fat cat donors, corporate executives, bankers, hedge fund managers, and their enablers in the legislature are finished, the bulk of the money is always raked off by them before their intended beneficiaries ever see a nickel of it, and what they do see is the hind tit of the total. And there is nobody to stop it the way our system works today. The wrong people are going to jail.

The bodies politic: Over the last couple of days, I have been trying to calculate the effect of Covid-19 on the voting public. I don’t mean the political calculation. We all know what that is. Trump’s base is not moving at all. It is like a diamond, rock solid. But like a diamond, it cannot grow. In fact, the only influence on a diamond is compression. On the other hand, every time Trump opens his mouth, I see independent voters, mostly women, revulsed by Trump and moving away from him as if he had put his hand on their knee.

No, I’m thinking of the demographic calculation. Note: this is a rather cold- blooded calculation, so please forgive me.

On the one hand, the virus is killing “people of color” (can’t we find a better term?) disproportionately, and most of them, blacks in particular, vote Democratic, so this favors Republicans. On the other hand, this virus, like most others, kills older people disproportionately, who tend to be more conservative, hence Republican, which favors Democrats.

Switching to whites, the virus seems to prefer males (probably because we are more careless and age faster), and many white males, particularly uneducated ones, tend to be not only Republican, but Trumpsters. Every time an uneducated white male goes down, you can scratch a Trump voter off the list. And there are many more whites than people of color, so I think this favors Democrats.

States with large, urban populations, which tend to be blue, are being hardest hit, which favors Republicans in theory, but these states (except Texas, Louisiana and Georgia) tend to be so Democratic that it’s hard to imagine enough of their citizens dying off to change the color of the state.

Whereas small, rural states are so red, it is hard to imagine enough change from the lethality of the virus to have much effect on them either. Fortunately, from the Democratic viewpoint, these tend to be states with small populations and hence few electoral college votes. For my money, you can have them all, except those where the fishing is good.

However, if there is going to be any shift among red or blues states, I think it might be red ones, Nebraska, for instance, whose residences see many of their friends and neighbors being wiped out by ignorance and inaction of their leaders, and may begin to wonder what the hell is happening here?

Bottom line, I think when the first wave of the virus has passed through before the election, there will be more “absent” Republican voters than Democratic ones. But I’m really counting on independent female suburban voters to put an end to Trump. The virus will be a contributing factor, to be sure, but only an indirect one.

Ban All Immigrants: Trump announced a total, temporary ban on immigration to protect against the virus and save American jobs (what jobs?).

Trump made this announcement to everyone simultaneously, including his own immigration officials, which caught them completely by surprise and unprepared. Fortunately, the ban bans practically nobody, so little if anything will change, except Trump gave his ignorant, xenophobic base a good jack off. (Sudden thought: if Trump jacks off his base, is that masterbase-ion?)

There is specious plausibility to this idea, but Trump got it ass backwards. We are the ones with all the virus cases. Other countries should be banning us from coming there, which for the most part, they are.

Animal Farm: The Department of Health and Human Services raised a lot of eyebrows when it put Brian Harrison, chief of staff at HHS in a responsible position dealing with Covid-19. Harrison has minimal experience with infectious diseases, but he owned a dog breeding business for six years, so there you are. I’m sure he’ll do a hell of a job.

Which is just what President George W. Bush said about Michael D. Brown, head of FEMA when Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana. Brown’s qualification for FEMA was that he was Judges and Stewards Commissioner for the International Arabian Horse Association.

Horses and dogs, Incompetent Republican administrations. Is there a pattern developing here?

Worst State: Early on, I decided that Texas would get the worst state cup this week because of Representative Louis Gohmert, easily the stupidest person in the U.S. House, which is really saying something. (When I want to call someone stupid, I call them a Gohmert.)

Gohmert announced that there is a miracle cure for Covid-19, a magic sprinkle powder that Germany developed and is using with great success, though no such powder exists, and Germany has never heard of it.

Then lo and behold, Gohmert is trumped by Trump, who suggests the best cure may be to ingest Lysol or Clorox or some such disinfectant, and infuse UV light into ones’ body, though he was vague about how this might happen.

So, we must infer from this that Trump is not only as stupid as Gohmert, but rabbit ass crazy, as well. Nevertheless, this is a weekly state competition, so Texas still gets the cup.

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