Thoughts on Events the Week of May 3

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on May 11, 2020

The mendacity and stupidity of the Donald:  Okay, let me see if I have got this straight. More than anything else, Trump wants to open up the country because the pinched economy is hurting his reelection chances. Yet he has refused to mobilize the nation’s resources to produce, distribute and utilize testing materials, the best currently available way to impede the virus. Now, he is urging everyone to run out and gather together for germ exchange fests.

The Trump’s administration set some guidelines for states to meet before opening up. Has a single damn state met the guidelines? No, yet Trump is letting them all skate. In fact, he is encouraging the ignoring of his own standards. (Did I just use the words standards and Trump in the same sentence?)

The CDC stepped in with guidance for states to follow when opening up. States, at least Republican states, are not following them, so what does Trump do? He withdraws the guidelines. No guidelines, no violations. It’s as simple as that.

I’m taking the over on American deaths reaching north of 100,000 by Memorial Day. But I’m taking the under on how many states will retreat from opening up too quickly, because….

Making Angels in America: The evidence is clear that Trump doesn’t give a rodent’s rectum if minorities, the elderly, meatpackers or prisoners live or die. In fact, it’s apparent that Trump doesn’t care who lives or dies except himself, and possibly Ivanka, and many Republican governors, at least, seem to be fine with this. I understand about Trump. He is the most narcissistic sociopath I have ever seen or heard of. But the Republican governors?

Justice in America:  The Department of Justice has gone completely to hell in a handbasket. DOJ attorneys are now defending the criminals, even self-confessed ones, instead of prosecuting them.

Attorney General William Barr is such a Trump sycophant that he has become complicit in Trump’s crimes, lies, obstructions and disinformation to an extent that would make Nixon’s AG John Mitchell and Dubbya’s AG Alberto Gonzales blanch. (The former went to jail and the latter had to resign for his mendacity.)

Meanwhile, police, particularly in the South, continue to take target practice on blacks. A couple of knuckle dragging, mouth breathing Georgia crackers with associations with law enforcement, shot and killed a black man who was jogging, because, you know, since he was jogging, he must have been running from a capital crime.

The local sheriff and district attorney couldn’t find any malfeasance in these circumstances. It took an actual honest officer of the court to step in. What a goddamn mess. I am sick to death of this racist shit.

There is an odious, racist joke in Texas, based on actual events. The body of a black man wrapped in chains is dragged out of a lake. The sheriff says is that just like a nigger to steal more chain than he can swim away with. This actually happened. The sheriff could find no evidence of a crime. The Feds had to step in. I’m not sure the Feds would step in today.

Relief: Still no relief check for me. I’m beginning to wonder if it’s due to incompetence, a constant with the Trump administration, or because I call him what he is. I owe money for 2019 taxes, which I haven’t filed yet, so if/when I get the money, I will just turn around and send it back to the government.

Worst State:  It was hard to pick a winner this week. All the worst states were opening up too aggressively, even the two I mentioned that seemed to be doing a little better last week. (Arizona let our pig part president into the state and let him get away without wearing a mask…at a mask making factory.)

But the cup goes to Oklahoma, where, by my count of news stories, redneck Okie citizens have been the most abusive of employees of businesses who have asked properly for customers to obey rules for mask wearing and social distancing. And by abuse, I mean physical assault.

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