Thoughts on Events the Week of June 8

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on June 17, 2020

Defund the Police: What utter nonsense. Civilized society requires police. That said, I am old enough to remember when we used to refer to the police as peace officers, whose job it was to “keep the peace,” not to assault peaceful American citizens and shoot minority ones. No, we shouldn’t defund police, but retrain and restrain them to do the job they are meant to do.

Knee jerk liberals (liberals who have never taken an economics course) have a gift for making stupid statements like this, which leave them open to ridicule for lacking common sense. Who can respect people whose thinking is that fuzzy?

Ever since “Defund the police” was spoken, liberals have been writing long pieces – none of which fit on a bumper sticker – attempting to explain what the phrase really means. Meanwhile, Republicans have a simple, three-word phrase, clear as a button hook in the well water, to hang around Democrats’ necks in political commercials.

There are countless ways policing should be reformed, but abolishing the police is not one of them. The first step, in my view, is to differentiate in training, rules of engagement and the law, to differentiate between serious crimes and mundane ones. Potentially lethal physical force should never be used in addressing minor offenses under any circumstances.

The idea of shooting and possibly killing a suspect who is running away from a petty crime is obscene on its face. It turns a minor crime into a capital one and the police vicious vigilantes. Using a firearm in such circumstances should be flat out against the law. If you can’t catch them without shooting them, let them go. Why would traffic cops be carrying weapons anyway?  (If fewer cops carried weapons, perhaps we could begin rethinking why citizens are allowed to carry them around.)

And why are police swaggering around in military gear and riding in military assault vehicles? It distorts their understanding of their mission. Turn that stuff back to the Army. I’d would like to see local SWAT teams eliminated, and a few groups of specially trained officers deployed to hot spots as necessary (like forest fire fighters), rather than having every swinging dick of a police force armed to the teeth. By definition, the quality of these local SWAT teams must be uneven.

Shuffling off in Buffalo: After two officers of the city’s Emergency Response team were suspended for shoving an unarmed, 75 year old protester to the ground and injuring him severely, all 57 of the remaining officers on the team resigned in support of the two miscreant officers.

I’m perfectly OK with these resignations. These people don’t belong on a police force. (And why the hell does Buffalo need such a paramilitary force anyway?) Sadly, these 57 officers resigned from the team but not the police force. They are still around when they should be shown the door. They are emblematic of the problem with current policing.

And these 57 officers are not alone. Officers all over the country are protesting for not being allowed to shoot unarmed minority members whenever they feel like it. Get rid of them all, hire some new ones and train them differently.

Jobs Report: Let me get this straight. Since Covid-19 struck the U.S., 42 million Americans have lost their jobs and filed for unemployment. But the unexpected addition of 2.5 million jobs in May, lowering the unemployment rate from 14.7% down to 13.3% (a suspect number), is being hailed by the Trump administration as great news. According to my math, 42 million less 2.5 million means 39.5 million workers are still out of work. I don’t think I would be bragging about that, though perhaps the Fed should be bragging about what it has done for the stock market. Ordinary citizens, not as much.

The stock market is giddy about this. It is roaring back up in a fit of optimism one writer for Business Insider characterized as “a perfect storm of stupid.”

Worst state: I don’t know. The worst states were all acting pretty stupidly last week, turning everyone loose to infect one another. I can’t decide which is worse, but I’m fairly sure which state is going to win this week. Hint: Tulsa.

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