Thoughts on Events the Week of June 15th

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Bolton’s Book: I don’t read any political tell all books by authors of either party for a number of reasons. The first reason is that any important information contained in one is going to be all over the news, so I don’t have to read the book. Second, the rest of the book is bound to be boring, or I would hear about it on the news. Finally, I don’t like any of these gossips to make money off of me.

In this case, there is another reason. Bolton is an industrial strength sick jerk, so this book is one sick jerk ratting out another sick jerk; it is beneath me.

That said, I enjoyed seeing Trump turning purple with rage under his orange coating and suing to suppress its publication. (The suit was rejected by a federal judge.)

Trump sues everybody. This suit is laughable since the book has already cleared NSA vetting (I read that it had been, but the judge said not. I’m confused.), and the courts have already ruled against prior restraint. Plus, many copies are already distributed, so that ship has sailed.

Though the contents are embargoed until Tuesday, the text has leaked like a sieve. It used to be that embargoes were sacrosanct, but that hasn’t been the case for years. Everyone’s a tattletale these days.

DACA Delayed: Compounding Trump’s apoplexy, the Supremes aren’t letting him deport the Dreamers. Someone get the poor man some Pepto Bismol.

There is great public sympathy for these innocents and there should be. They were brought here by their parents with no say in the matter and, as required by the DACA rules, have lived here peacefully and productively ever since. This is their country and to deport them would defy justice and common sense. Trump is just exploiting these innocents to play to his xenophobic base.

The Supreme Court’s integrity is teetering on the edge of ruin and disgrace. Chief Justice Roberts seems to understand this, and so, as with his majority vote to save Obamacare, he concocted a convoluted, narrow legal rationale to save the Dreamers, at least temporarily.

Roberts is right that the Dreamers, and immigration broadly, should be handled by Congress, but also as with Obamacare, Congress has failed to meet this responsibility for as long as I can remember. But you don’t hear me saying Defund Congress. You hear me saying get off your ass and do your job.

Juneteenth: I have never heard this word spoken anywhere other than Texas, where I lived half of my life, but it has been on everyone’s lips the last week or so. Maybe we have reached a real awareness tipping point.

Trump in Tulsa: By all accounts, except those of Trump’s minions, the rally was a bust. The 19,000-seat stadium, which Trump predicted would be overflowing, was less than half full, according to the fire marshal. This has got to be mortifying to Trump and terrifying to his campaign staff. It couldn’t happen to nicer guys.

Looking for a scapegoat, Trump is blaming the media, among others. If the media had a hand in this, and I think they did, I say “Way to go, guys. You did the public a service by publishing information and letting people decide, which caused the vast majority of the Trump supporters in Tulsa to stay safe at home.”

Trump’s followers may not be as stupid as they act sometimes. They may vote for him, but they aren’t all ready to risk dying for him. (Note: those 6,200 hundred who did show up, most without masks, are as stupid as they acted.)

I’m thinking the steam may have gone out of the rally game. I’m taking the under on how many of these will occur for a while. (They may be stuck with the one scheduled in Yuma this week.)

The oddest comment Trump made at the rally, which is really saying something, was his admission that he directed his sycophants to “slow testing down” because more testing increases the number of positive cases. No, it doesn’t. Whether people are tested or not, the number of cases is still the same.

But wouldn’t we want to know what we are dealing with so we can address it intelligently? Don’t answer that; it’s a rhetorical question. This is determined, willful ignorance of the worst kind for the worst reason, which we can always expect from Trump.

Trump Fires Berman. No, he didn’t. Yes, he did: Trump fired U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Geoffrey German for investigating his buddies. Let’s be clear: the president has the authority to fire Berman, though he seemed to try to hang the bushwhacking on AG Barr (Barr is finding out what being loyal to Trump gets you).

But the takeaway from this is not that Trump is corrupt. We already know that. The lesson to be learned is that we should avoid electing a pig part to the presidency.

Worst state: Oklahoma wins by a landslide this week for reasons too obvious to go into again. One minor but delicious reason Oklahoma is so deserving bears mention. Oklahoma State University head football coach Mike Gundy has been caught in, let’s just say, a racially insensitive situation.

This being Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State University, Gundy will probably survive this racist gaff, but I expect his recruiting is going to take a hit. Can you imagine a lot of mothers of talented black football playing sons urging them to go to OSU any time soon? This will be good for my beloved University of Oklahoma Sooners’ recruiting, I think.

Arizona, my own personal state of residence, however, did come in a respectable second for worst state, because Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb tested positive for Covid-19 ahead of a planned meeting with President Trump in D.C. (You will be shocked, shocked, to learn that he wasn’t allowed to attend the meeting.)

Lamb said he likely contracted the virus at a rally for his own campaign. How perfect.

Lamb said in May that he wouldn’t enforce the state’s mask requirement, and even after returning from D.C. and being contagious, says he doesn’t plan to wear a mask. Even perfecter. What a moron.

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