Thoughts on Events the Week of June 29

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Russia is not our friend any more than North Korea is: The New York Times says Russia offered the Taliban bounties for killing American soldiers and President Trump was briefed about it. Trump says he knew nothing about it, and if you believe that, you are gullible enough to have voted for him.

It’s inconceivable that a properly functioning intelligence community wouldn’t have told Trump about something like this, though it’s possible, I suppose, that Trump’s sycophants might hesitate, fearing his irrational wrath. Trump is like Eveline in The Wiz when she sings, “Don’t bring me no bad news.”

What is quite conceivable, however, is that Trump would lie about being briefed. Trump avoids responsibility like it’s Covid-19. Oh wait. He doesn’t try to avoid that.

Putin is our enemy, as everyone but Trump acknowledges. It’s unsurprising that he would want to kill us though it’s surprising that Trump doesn’t want to do anything about it. At the least, we should be slapping Putin around a bit. (One day, we will learn why Trump kowtows to Putin. It has to be more than his attraction to dictators.)

So, my question isn’t “What did the president know and when did he know it”? as Howard Baker asked about Nixon. I know the answer to that. My question is: will this revelation scare some Republicans sufficiently to break meaningfully from Trump, trying to save their own butts (it is too late either way)? Think Eurymachus in The Odyssey.

Could it be that James Carville and I might be right that Trump will quit before the election to avoid the humiliation of a landslide repudiation loss and try to salvage a pardon for himself, as Gerald Ford was stupid enough to give Nixon?

Washington D.C. wants to be a state, and it should be: Some 705,749 Americans live there at last count, but because of its geographical anomaly, they may vote for president and vice president (only since 1964) but have no voting representation in Congress.

More D.C. citizens are disenfranchised than the entire population of Vermont (647,575) and Wyoming (577,737). Yet these two sparsely populated states each have two senators and a representative, while D.C. has none!

The average population of a congressional district is 711,000, which means D.C fits right in there, population wise. (There should be three times as many congresspersons as there are, representing about 237,000 citizens each, but that’s a subject for another blog.)

Instead, D.C. voters are held hostage by a bunch of southern bigot congresspersons (I’m looking at you, Arkansas Senator Cotton, you smarmy pig part)  who don’t want them to vote because many of them are black and so may vote for Democrats. Can’t have that.

There may have been some logic in creating a geographic exception for the Capitol in the past, but whatever it is or was seems unfair and out of date now. This is a classic case of voter suppression. Let those people vote!

Mount Rushmore: I’ve never been there, and I doubt I’ll ever go. The monument has always seemed to me rather, well, cheesy, a mere step above the Indian curios shops along the highway in Arizona and New Mexico, among other states.

But Mount Rushmore appeals to our boorish president, so he invited 7,600 of his followers to gather closely together and infect one another. (Perhaps Trump chose Mount. Rushmore because it is in a state whose governor is stupid enough to have let it happen on her watch.)

Washington Redskins: The Redskins organization is getting pressure to change its name, along with the Atlanta Braves and the Cleveland Indians. This is where I leave the politically correct party. These are innocuous, well-intended names for sports organizations, and intent informs my thinking.

No sports organization wants to pick a name that fans won’t enjoy and appreciate. They pick names that have meaning to the community, and/or suggest strength and fierceness that the team will emulate. They are a compliment, not a smear. They are, in fact, all but an homage to the namesake.

So, if these teams decide to resist the rising tide of political correctness and keep their names, I stand with them. This has got to stop somewhere, and I suggest we try to stop it this side of common sense.

Masks: Speaking of common sense, wearing a mask makes common sense in this particular moment. How it became a political issue passes understanding. And I don’t understand why Trump resists. If I had Trump’s face, particularly his odd little round mouth, I’d wear a mask all the time.

Christopher Columbus statue torn down in Baltimore: I wouldn’t have done it. Columbus was an intrepid sailor though a terrible administrator, a tyrant, really, but he did sail bravely to the new world when the prevailing opinion was that it was flat, before anyone else had the courage to try it, except…

The Vikings. Knowing now that the Vikings were here long before Columbus, does he really deserve a statue for coming in second? But if we are going to tear Columbus’ statues down, then shouldn’t we replace at least some of them with those of Vikings? And does this mean we have to change the name of that college town in Ohio, or the circle in Manhattan? Common sense, people.

Live with it: We’re reading that this will be Trump’s new position on Covid-19. Based on the reopening stampedes we are seeing to bars, beaches and parties throughout the land, it appears that many people have already decided to do just that. But what about those who don’t live with it and die from it? They’re adding up and getting harder and harder to wish away.

Worst state: All of the worst states deserve the cup this week because all of them are experiencing severe spikes in their Covid-19 cases, due to their recalcitrant ways. Some states – Texas and Arizona and Oklahoma – are in particularly bad shape, while the rest are also in deep virus doo doo. I’m splitting the cup between Texas and Arizona and giving Oklahoma a pass, because the voters there approved expanding Medicaid.

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