Thoughts on Events the Week of July 6

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on July 14, 2020

Covid-19: That Covid-19 became such a political football is extremely unfortunate. This virus is a stone killer. It is far too serious for that. This partisan folly says more about us than the virus. No other country has handled it more incompetently.  

But there is one meager silver lining to this pandemic. At least it will snuff out the political careers of the governors of Texas (Abbott), Arizona (Ducey) and Florida (DeSantis). Each has followed the bidding of our witchdoctor-in-chief slavishly, to the detriment of his citizens, and each will pay the price.

Speaking of political football, the bulwark of Trump’s base is uneducated white males. If the NFL season is canceled due to the administration’s mishandling of the pandemic, which I’m worried it will be, I will take the under on the time it takes that lot to turn on him, finally. Politics is one thing, but football is sacred to these bozos (and me).

Putin: Russia amended its constitution, if that’s what you call it, to effectively extend Putin’s term to 2036. It seems like Russians are never comfortable unless they have an authoritarian tyrant’s foot on their necks. But maybe they were just rewarding Putin for having Trump’s testicles in such a tight grip, though that’s no big trick. Any authoritarian leader can do it.

Roger Stone: Trump commuted Stone’s sentence, as everyone expected he would. Trump has a history of buying off his friends and criminals (that’s redundant; all of Trump’s friends are criminals) with pardons and payoffs. Trump kept Stone out of jail to keep him from ratting him out.

It is within Trump’s authority to commute Stone’s sentence, though it shouldn’t be in such circumstances. Our Constitution is looking less and less prescient during the Trump administration.

There’s potential irony here. Trump demands loyalty but is loyal to no one but himself. It would be rich if being “loyal” to Stone was the last straw for enough voters to kick him to the curb.

Trump’s taxes: The Supremes ruled in two separate cases signaling that Trump will eventually have to turn over his tax returns to investigating authorities in Congress and New York State, respectively.

Trump will probably be able to run out the clock on complying with the Court until after the election, but I will take the under on when the tax returns come to light. So many people despise Trump that things get leaked during his administration.  

What comes next, we will have to wait and see, but here is my take: Trump has made a formidable enemy who will have its revenge on him when he leaves office. That enemy is the U. S. Attorney’s office in the Southern District of New York (SDNY), which Trump has much offended, to mimic Hamlet’s mother.

I think the SDNY will hunt Trump down like a rabid dog over every single evasion and fraud in those returns, of which I expect there are many since Trump wants so badly to conceal them. (He should have thought of that before he ran for president.)

If it can get the returns soon enough, the SDNY may be waiting for Trump on the tarmac when he arrives at the airport in New York or Florida after leaving Washington. But they will get him, no matter how long it takes.

Worst state: Texas and Arizona share the worst state cup again this week for obvious reasons.

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