Thoughts on Events the Week of July 13

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on July 22, 2020

I haven’t paid much attention to the weekly news because I selfishly had another surgery on my broken jaw instead. So, I’m going to make a few observations of a less timely nature. (I did hear about John Lewis, and Portland, about which I’ll have some thoughts next week.)

Woulda, coulda, shoulda: If we had done what we should have done at the beginning – invoke the War Production Act and mobilized production of the medical materials we were going to need and distributed them nationally; shut down the economy and mandate that it not be opened until all the states had met the CDC’s start-up requirements; and mandate the use of masks, we would be over the worse of the virus by now, not the biggest failure among developed countries.

Not having done so, it’s apparent we are going to have to start all over again, six months out, and I think it is going to get ugly.

Let’s take a year off: Many students take a year between their high school graduation and college to bum around Europe. Mormons take two years off to go on a Mission to witness. None seems to have been ruined by the hiatus. Quite the opposite, I expect.

So why not have our students take a year off to help deter the virus? So they graduate a year later. Isn’t that better than not graduating at all? Or worse, not having their parents or grandparents or teachers around to see them graduate?

School systems can create lists of readings and other things students could be doing during the year, not to be graded but to improve their minds and give them a running start when they return to class.

Yes, it will be a pain in the ass and a disruption for others, but we can handle it.

Education System: Apropos of the above, we have prima facie evidence that our education system isn’t all that great anyway. This is apparent because we have so many people too manifestly ignorant to understand how important it is/was for them to be following the science and the guidelines. Of course, many of them are not ignorant, but just plain stupid.

Worst state: It would be easy, too easy, to give the cup to Texas and Arizona again. Both states are in deep virus doo doo, due to incompetent or politically bankrupt governance. But I’m giving the cup to South Carolina because Lindsay Graham. Here is a United States Senator who sold out every one of his principles, to the extent he had any, so he could play golf with the president.

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