Thoughts on Events the Week of July 20

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on July 27, 2020

Portland: While President Sick Twist was subverting our Constitution with his police state tactics in Portland, some moms there reminded us what patriotism really looks like by forming a line between peaceful protestors and Trump’s goon squad. The goons tear gassed the moms. Portland’s mayor came to show his solidarity with the moms; they tear gassed him too. I have never been so disgusted with nor so worried about my country.

I am not defending people who destroy federal property. Let the goons surround the building and arrest those who try to damage it. Just don’t go into the city streets and assault peaceful protesters. And while you are at it, get a new wardrobe, one with insignia and your name on it.

You would think there is more we could do to deal with an authoritarian wannabe president, but absent some restraint (read courage and cajones) from his own party’s leaders, apparently there is very little, in practice. The only sure remedy is the election in November, which seems a depressingly long way away. If the election doesn’t rid us of this sick twist, I’m done.

Arizona’s primary election is August 4th. I have already mailed in my ballot, as I have done with every election of every kind for more than a decade, without incident. But I already know who the two candidates for president are. Can’t I have a presidential ballot right now? And BTW, if we want to know who won on election night, let states start counting mail in ballots before election day and have the numbers ready.

Sudden thought: I don’t think many statues of Trump will be erected any time soon, even in red states, at least until it is determined whether he will go to prison, and none for Attorney General Bill Barr.

Department of Homeland Tyranny: I was opposed to the Department of Homeland Security (NHS) from its beginning and blogged against it. It was/is a ludicrous idea. President Bush formed the department after 9/11, ostensibly to better coordinate the efforts to fight terrorism, but really to make it look like he was doing something, when in fact he had no idea what to do.

In effect, Bush placed another layer of bureaucratic sediment over the existing ones and made things less efficient, not more, when all he should have done is tell the disparate departments to do their job and put people in charge who could.

In the hands of Trump and Attorney General Barr, the DHS has morphed into an authoritarian regime’s goon squad. Let’s dismantle it back to its separate parts, revisit their charters and put insignias and name tags on them.

Covid-19: President Trump reinstituted daily briefings on the pandemic, sans any actual pandemic experts, apparently forgetting how badly these went for him before. On the first briefing, he read a prepared script in a monotone voice, both sure signs that he didn’t believe a word he spoke. This explains why the speech was more realistic. It was written by his staff, full of empathetic points none of which Trump really believes.

American Carnage: Was Trump being prescient when he spoke those words? If so, what was he describing: Covid-19 and his utter failure to cope with it; or the quasi-military assault on protesters in Portland? Trump says that if Biden is elected, the streets will be unsafe. Hell, they’re unsafe from his goon squads now.

Ghislaine Maxwell: This woman is allegedly the late Jeffrey Epstein’s ex-girlfriend, pimp, and Judas goat. She’s in jail without parole pending her trial as his accomplice in sex trafficking of minors, among others.

Maxwell’s name came up in the Covid-19 briefing, though I can’t imagine why. Sick Twist wished her well, which is his code for, “Don’t rat on me and I will pardon you.”

If Trump does pardon Maxwell, it will be interesting to see how much, if any of his base and Republican legislators might peel off. Nothing has dislodged their lips from Trump’s ass so far, but this may be the tipping point. Maxwell is accused of truly disgusting crimes.

In the meantime, that sound you hear is the patter of suburban white women’s feet scurrying away from Trump. Perhaps they don’t like the thought of having their daughters sold into sex slavery. Who knew?

Worst state: It is becoming monotonous selecting Texas and Arizona so frequently. And while Texas still richly deserves it, Arizona has actually backtracked and is beginning to see a slow decline in Covid-19 cases and deaths.

But a dark knight has come to the rescue of Texas in the form of the Senior Senator from Oklahoma, one James Inhofe. Inhofe is the dumbest sombitch in this Senate and that is not just my opinion; it’s the consensus, even among Senators.

Inhofe stated on the Senate floor that he will hold up the National Defense Authorization Act until the clause requiring the military to rename bases currently named after traitorous Confederate Generals is removed. (Did you have any idea these bases were so named? I didn’t; I was asleep at the wheel.)

Since almost the same clause is in both the House and Senate bills, which passed with veto proof majorities, experts say it won’t be possible for Inhofe to succeed, but just the fact that this Gohmert threatened to do it is enough to earn Oklahoma the worst state cup this week.

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