Thoughts on Events the Week of June 7

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What, me worry? I asked my daughter if I was the only one who doesn’t worry about what’s his name, the disgraced former president, and she said yes, I am. So, I laid out for her the three main reasons why I don’t, which I have listed below:

First, the four years of the administration of what’s his name, the disgraced former president (I need an abbreviated moniker; let’s say WHN) was a lifetime in political years. But the same is true of the next four years, and in that political lifetime, I am confident that WHN’s influence will wane. Four years is an impossibly long time for things to remain stagnant, unless, of course, you are the U.S. Senate.

I am a firm believer in the corrosive effect of time on crackpots, despots, and assorted authoritarian wannabees. WHN’s aura will lose a lot of luster, faster than you might expect.

Second, there are a lot of ambitious Republicans who would like to be president themselves, and they are going to do in WHN, even as they pledge allegiance to him to placate their base.

Third, in the meantime, I don’t worry about WHN’s minions’ causing a lot of violence, because the stupidest among them stormed the Capitol, were identified and are being prosecuted. The smarter of them saw that if they stay out in the open the same thing will happen with them, so they are running back under the refrigerator, like the cockroaches they are. Oh, they may rant and snarl and engage in ludicrous fringe ideas, but they won’t dare do much about it.

Stoning the Dog: My friend and neighbor’s dog is being treated for cancer with chemotherapy. She’s a sweet old girl (both of them are, actually), and I hope the best for her. But even the most successful chemotherapy results in pain for some, loss of weight for all and nausea.

The other night my daughter and son-in-law were vaping, and the question was posited if pot would work as well for dogs as it often does for humans with those same symptoms. Sooo, the kids blew some pot in the dog’s face, which seemed like a good idea at the time and the condition we were in. The dog slept well, ate better, and didn’t barf (not to be confused with bark). We’ve been doing it on a regular basis ever since.

Cancer is a pernicious disease and who knows the fate of the dog, but for now at least we have found a way to alleviate some of her discomforts and give her some peace. Let’s hear it for pot!

Worst state: Texas wins hands down this week, because the governor signed a law outlawing “critical race theory,” whatever that is, which is determined ignorance if ever I saw it, and I often have in Texas. This willful ignorance, which is the very worst kind of ignorance, is now enshrined in the laws of Texas. It seems improbable, however, that a law outlawing the teaching of history will long survive judicial scrutiny. We’ll see.

Thoughts on Events the Week of May 31 and June 6

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I’ve lumped two weeks into one weekly blog again, because only one item grabbed my attention, and two of my kids and only granddaughter is visiting after a long hiatus, so I haven’t spent much time thinking about blogging.

Senate fails, again: That said, the one item is a dilly. The Senate voted down the measure to set up an independent commission to study the insurrection on January 6. This vote brought into vivid relief three separate but related issues:

One of our two major political parties is no longer interested in our democratic form of government. In fact, it now obviously opposes it. I never expected to see this in my lifetime, in my country. It is terribly unfortunate, but it is fortunate that the undemocratic party is the smaller of the two and shrinking. I don’t worry about this as much as some others, but it bears watching.

Second, our Senate, which has not functioned properly for more than two decades since Moscow Mitch became Majority Leader is now officially a failed branch. It is useless, even detrimental until it is reformed, beginning with…

Third, the filibuster has got to go. Forget the politics. It is patently undemocratic on its face, and it is now used routinely for nefarious purposes. Republicans of both parties, about which more below, say it puts the brakes on an abusing majority, but in practice it allows the minority to hold the majority hostage, and that just ain’t right.

The bigger fool here is Joe Manchin, of course, but he’s not (quite) as stupid or disgusting as he appears. The fact is, Manchin represents the reddest of red states, as bad as those in the deep south. WV is as wedded to coal as the south is wedded to racism. Manchin has to appease those voters, so he votes democratic on minor things, but against important things. Like all other states, the voters get the representatives they deserve, and they deserve this sorry guy.

The biggest SOB here is Moscow Mitch, perhaps the biggest bigot in the history of the senate, which is really saying something. He will go down in history as the man who destroyed the senate and just maybe the man who destroyed our democracy.

These two are a menace, but so is Kyrsten Sinema, my own personal senator, and she has no excuse. She is a democrat in a trending blue state. Fortunately, I can share my opinion with her personally. I voted for her gladly because she is a democrat, but I expect her to vote like one.

The big lie from the big jerk: What’s his name, the disgraced former president, said, while descending from the sublime to the ridiculous, that he will be reinstated in August. He heard it from Sidney Powell, queen of the crazies. You can look it up on Yelp.

I’ll take the over on this one. I don’t think he will be reinstated until at least January 20, 2025, and I’ll be taking the over on that date too.

Worst state: Texas Governor Gregg Abbott and the Republican-controlled state legislature are trying to enact some of the most severe voter suppression legislation in the country, which entitles them to the cup in a walk.

Thoughts on Events the week of May 19

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Israel v Palestinians: President Biden’s administration managed to negotiate a cease fire the old-fashioned way: through diplomacy. But this cease fire, like countless negotiated cease fires between these two adversaries, will not last. Both sides have incentives to continue their macabre dance of mutually assured self-destruction.

Pundits have opined that this negotiation had a new twist in that American attitudes toward Israel and Palestinians seem to have shifted since the last dust up, with public opinion becoming more sympathetic with the Palestinian cause. There is some evidence of this. We have even begun electing Muslim citizens to public office.

But I think the reason for this shift has less to do with us and more to do with Israel. Since Benjamin Netanyahu became Prime Minister in 2009, Israel has moved radically to the right. How radically? It has morphed from a liberal democracy to an illiberal, occupier nation and more aggressive oppressor of Palestinian rights. This shift has turned off many Americans, even Jewish Americans, as well it should.

From the founding of Israel in 1948 through the 20th Century, the U.S. was sympathetic to and supportive of the Jewish state, no one more so than me. This was particularly true of Jewish Americans, who supported Israel religiously (pun intended) because they saw Israel as a safe harbor for Jews in a hostile, anti-Semitic world.

But while Israel has shifted to the right, the younger generations of American Jews remain liberally democratic, and many are off put by Israel’s oppressive behavior, including myself, and I’m not even Jewish. What this means for Israel in the long term is uncertain, but I worry for them. It’s not a good sign.

It is Israel that must change its behavior. Let’s face it. Israel is infinitely more powerful and better armed than the Palestinians will ever be, and more than the entire Middle East Region combined for that matter. Their victimhood posture no longer washes. Netanyahu sounds like what’s his name, the disgraced former president, claiming how unfairly he’s being treated.  

I am glad to see us taking a more even-handed diplomatic approach to Israel, guided by our own national interests, and not held hostage to single constituency, not unlike the Cuban American population in Miami that has distorted our policies toward Cuba.

Worst state: Okay, it’s time to admit that I was wrong to take Arizona, my own personal residence, off the worst state list. Ever since I did, Arizona has been trying to get back on the list by its reprehensible governance, and they have finally convinced me that they still belong among the worst states and should get the cup this week.

In addition to the utterly meaningless “audit” of the 2020 presidential election results, Arizona Republicans held a rally to support the big lie and the audit, featuring four of the most loathsome of Republican Congresspersons – Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz, along with two locals, Paul Gosar, my own personal Representative, and Andrew Biggs. If Louis Gohmert had been here, it would have been the worst five Representatives in the 435 member House.

Not that there weren’t other worthy candidates this week. Take South Carolina. Please. South Carolina has added a new item to its death penalty menu: firing squad. This in addition to the good old electric chair. And worst of all, the condemned must choose his method of execution.

Not to be outdone in amount of crazy, Texas (everything is bigger in Texas) has just passed a law allowing everybody to carry a gun, concealed or open, with or without training, just about everywhere in the state.

Thoughts on Events the Week of May 5

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The Liz Cheney Saga. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of people, or been more fun to watch:

Well, they did it. House Republicans removed Cheney from her leadership position for speaking the truth that President Biden won the presidential election, and it wasn’t stolen from what’s his name, the disgraced former president.

In tossing Cheney out, the House Republicans are completely endorsing what’s his names’ Big Lie, which they all know to be just that. Democrats are shocked, shocked, and crying crocodile tears that Republicans would do such a thing.

I think Republican House members were perfectly justified in removing Cheney from a leadership position for not towing the party line, no matter how despicable the party line is. It is to be expected, indeed proper, for leadership to speak with one voice in public on issues of policy. Since Cheney was unwilling to do this, she had to go.

The proper thing for Cheney to have done if she was unable to stomach the Big Lie that has become dogma to the Republican Party, however, was to resign the leadership position.

In removing Cheney so ham handedly, Republicans demonstrated again, in public, that they are willing to lie to our faces to support something that is obviously untrue, disgusting, and undemocratic, in order to kiss what’s his name’s er, ring.

Cheney was replaced by Elise Stefanik, whose voting record is not as conservative as Cheney’s, but who is willing to lie through her teeth with the best of them to get ahead. Republicans may rest assured that when Stefanik joins the leadership, she will never vote against anything Republicans believe, or make up, again.

The great irony here is that just hours after ousting Cheney, House leader Kevin McCarthy said, “I don’t think anybody is questioning the legitimacy of the presidential election,” (Presumably including himself). In saying this, McCarthy, whose intellect apparently does not rise to the level of high functioning moron, shot himself in the foot. Twice.

First, he directly contradicted the Big Lie with one of his own and in the process admitted that Cheney is right. McCarthy knows it’s a Big Lie. He is only supporting it to curry favor with what’s his name, the disgraced former president.

Second, McCarthy ruined his currying favor chance by making this statement. I expect what’s his name will turn on him like a rabid dog.

Frozen in Time: The Israelis and Palestinians are at it again. It’s a pathetic cycle. One or the other pokes the bear. The bear bites back and on they go, over and over, again and again, on and on, downward and downward.

I used to be sympathetic with the Israelis, but for the last several years now, Israel has been poking the bear, and I’m completely out of sympathy with them. Not that I’m in complete sympathy with the Palestinians.

I remember what then Secretary of State James Baker said in exasperation about this conflict way back in the George H.W. Bush Administration, “I cannot help you, because you cannot help yourselves.”

Worst state: I was this close to putting Arizona, my own personal residence, back on the worst state list, because in addition to the ludicrous audit, Arizona legislators passed a voter suppression bill.

But just when I was really to pull the trigger, Georgia Representative Andrew Clyde, in an attempt to deny the January 6 insurrection, said the images of the violence looked like a typical tourist visit. Some visit. This ludicrous human being, elected by the people of George retains the state in the worst State list. But keep trying, Arizona.

Thoughts on Events the Weeks of April 26 and May 3

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A little bored and loving it. So many days have been “slow news days” recently that I mashed the last two weeks’ news into one blog.

Oh, the problems are the same. The pandemic is still the lead story. Voter suppression is running rampant in the south. Russia is still being a pig. The two factions of the Republican Party are still picking over the carcass of the party.

What’s his name, the disgraced former president is still spewing invective and lies, which seem to be mother’s milk to his base of white supremacists and various and sundry crazies.

No, the difference isn’t the problems. It’s that we have an administration competent enough to deal with them. This has helped my blood pressure and allowed me to spend time on my own issues and not worry so much about the country.

The Census: The federal government announced the top line results of the latest census, which the administration of what’s his name, the disgraced former president, botched almost as completely as the Covid-19 response.

Directionally, the census seems ok – broadly, sunbelt states gained some population and rust belt states lost some. California lost because a lot of people have been leaving there recently.

But the census has doubtless undercounted, due to deliberate obstruction and garden variety malfeasance and incompetence. I expect some lawsuits over this.

It’s not just what’s his name: The former president’s mishandling of the pandemic is well documented, but it turns out that most of the other authoritarian wannabes botched theirs, also. Topping the list is India, whose leader Modi is another denier whose people are suffering for it. I hope to see the pendulum shift away from these despots soon.

Jobs Report: We gained 266,000 jobs in April, only about a quarter of what economist were expecting, and they are perplexed to explain it. (As George Bernard Shaw said, you can line all of the economists in the world end to end and they would not reach to a conclusion.)

Actually, the reason is rather simple. This is not a normal economic downturn because it isn’t driven by economics. It’s driven by the virus. Paul Krugman has characterized it not as a recession, but as a “self-induced coma,” which I think is a good description.

As I have said from the beginning, people are not going to return to work until they think it is safe to do so, and many workers and businesses still do not.  They won’t all return until we have wrestled the virus to the ground, which is why President Biden is so focused on defeating the virus. He gets it, even if economists do not.

(There is the complicating factor that people can’t get childcare because most of the people in that business are in the same boat.)

Worst State: Arizona, my own personal residence, is continuing with its unofficial, compromised recount following three official ones, so it gets the cup again this week. Those ballots had better all come back and undamaged or there will be a hell of a lawsuit. I am ashamed of being an Arizona resident these days.

Thoughts on the 20-21 NFL Draft

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The draft was characterized by three factors: There were more good quarterbacks in this draft than is typical. However, it was not a strong draft class overall. Finally, the teams had to make decisions based on much less information than they usually have, due to the constraints and disruptions caused by Covid-19. That said, I think most of the teams did a good job of it. I only saw one pick in the first round that I thought was a reach. (Cough, Raiders.)

Many of the top tier teams got better. Baltimore, Kansas City, Cleveland, Buffalo and Tampa Bay all did well, I thought. In fact, though I’m biased, I think KC may have gotten the steal of the draft taking center Creed Humphrey in the second round. Humphrey started for my beloved Oklahoma Sooners as a freshman and anchored the line for four years. He’s an intelligent load.

As predicted, the first three players off the board were quarterbacks. Two were expected – Trevor Lawrence (Clemson) to Jacksonville and Zach Wilson (BYU) to the Jets. The suspense was who San Francisco would take at #3. The rumors were true: the 49ers switched late in their deliberations and took Trey Lance from North Dakota State. This left Justin Fields (Ohio State) and Mac Jones (Alabama) blowing in the wind.

Fields fell to #8 where he was taken by the Chicago Bears, which made their day. After years of disappointment, I think they will be very happy with this pick. As I opined, New England grabbed Mac Jones when he fell to #15. So, the Pats won’t trade for Jimmy G at San Francisco, leaving him to start for the 49ers until Lance is ready. (The Pats also got two good players from OU: Perkins and Stevenson. OU didn’t have many players in this draft because they are so young, but these two can play and they will help New England.)

At #4, Atlanta took tight end Kyle Pitts, which was a no brainer. Except for quarterbacks, Pitts is probably best player at his position than anyone else in the draft at theirs, and perhaps even better than the three quarterbacks.

The Cowboys need defensive help, especially in the backfield, and they targeted Jaycee Horn (South Carolina) and Patrick Surtain II (Alabama) at #10. Unfortunately, they had the rug pulled out from under them when Horn and Surtain went at #8 and #9 in that order just ahead of Dallas. (I was surprised at the order. I had Surtain ahead of Horn.)

But Dallas made a brilliant recovery, dropping back from #10 to #12, for a 3rd round pick, and taking linebacker Micah Parsons at #12. Parsons is a linebacker, and there is some risk with him, but he is arguably the best defensive player in the whole draft and the Cowboys definitely need help at linebacker. Hell, they need help everywhere on the defense. It is among the very worst in the NFL, full of disappointments and overpaid underachievers. (Dallas’ first six draft picks and eight of their 11 were defensive players.)

I was surprised by how many wide receivers went in the first round. Typically, this doesn’t happen, but it seems to be trending this was as the NFL becomes more of a passing league every year. The thinking on the importance of wide receivers seems to have changed.

By the fourth round, picks scattered like a covey of quail as different teams had different needs and varying willingness to take a flyer in the later rounds. As Mark Twain said, “It’s a difference of opinion that makes a horse race.)

Correction: In my blog about the upcoming draft last week, I said Trevor Lawrence would go #1 to the Carolina Panthers. Oops. This was incorrect. The #1 pick belonged to the Jacksonville Jaguars, who did, in fact, take Lawrence. In my defense: Panthers, Jaguars. Two big pussycats. You can see the possible confusion, can’t you?

Thoughts on Winter Sports in 20/21

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I want to get these reminiscences about the winter sports season posted before the NFL draft today.

Full disclosure: other than the NCAA basketball tournament, I didn’t spend a minute thinking about winter sports, even though my beloved Oklahoma Sooners had some excellent winter and spring sports seasons. All other sports, including even the basketball tournament, should have an asterisk beside them due to the disruptions of Covid-19, so what was the point of watching them?

NCAA Basketball Tournament: When the tournament began, I thought only one team had an outside chance of beating Gonzaga, and that was Baylor, though I didn’t expect it would happen. Baylor did beat Gonzaga in the championship game, which didn’t shock me, but the ease with which they dismantled the Bulldogs did.

In retrospect, this was a clear case of peaking. Baylor peaked at the right time, and Gonzaga peaked two games too soon. Overall, the Big XII Conference had several exceptionally good basketball teams, and this helped harden Baylor for the tournament.

No, the real excitement over the winter mostly occurred in the off season maneuvering in the NFL.

Quarterbusts: Three quarterbacks who went extremely high in recent drafts – Goff, Wentz and Darnold – were all traded away this off-season, and their erstwhile teams had to take a heavy hit against their salary caps. It’s surprising that all three of these quarterbacks were such a disappointment, though I was pretty sure that at least one and possibly two of them would be busts. Picking thoroughbred quarterbacks turns out to be a very risky, potentially expensive proposition, and I expect it will be the same with this draft.

Which brings us to the NFL Draft. There are at least five first round quarterbacks in this draft, with relatively little difference between them. Also, due to the pandemic, there is less tape and intelligence than there usually is upon which to make judgements.  It is conceivable, but unlikely in my view, that these quarterbacks could go #1 through #5 in this draft. They’re all going to go in the first round. It’s more a matter of in what order.

The conventional wisdom is that the first two players taken will be Trevor Lawrence (Clemson) to Carolina and Zack Wilson (BYU) to the New York Jets.

Next up is San Francisco, who mortgaged the ranch to move up from #12 to #3 to take who, exactly? The 49ers may have had a specific quarterback in mind when they traded up, but they have three tantalizing prospects from which to choose – Justin Fields (Ohio State), Mac Jones (Alabama) and Trey Lance (North Dakota State) – and they will almost certainly take one of them. But which one we are left to wonder. The scuttlebutt is that the team is coming off Jones and moving toward Lance. We’ll see. And what then happens with the remaining two, whoever they are?

In any of these scenarios, it is possible that San Francisco could trade Jimmy Garoppolo back to New England for their #2 pick. (Wouldn’t that be a hoot?)

So, that’s three quarterbacks with the first three picks and counting. But I don’t think the Atlanta Falcons will take a quarterback at #4. They have a serviceable one in Matt Ryan, and Tyler Pitts, arguably the best player in the draft, is still on the board. If I were the Falcons, I would take Pitts and live with Ryan for another season or two. Pitts will help Ryan enormously during that time, starting day one.

Beyond that, it’s hard to imagine Justin Fields going beyond the #6 pick, but it could happen. (It could also happen that Fields could go #2 or #3.) As for Jones, if Atlanta doesn’t take him, he could fall as low as #19 to the Washington Redskins.  However, if New England doesn’t trade for Jimmy G, I think they would take either Jones or Fields if they are still on the board.

Now for the Dallas Cowboys. Dak Prescott finally got his money from Dallas, who could have gotten him cheaper had they been ready to commit to him sooner, though I can understand their hesitation. But at least the position is settled for the Cowboys while the rest of the NFL Least is still trying to sort theirs out.

The Cowboys pick at #10, and if they pick anyone but a defensive backfield stud, they are as lost in space as Jerry Jones seems to be. There are three possibilities, but the one they should take is Patrick Surtain II (Alabama), who is prototypical and should be a no brainer for anyone but Dallas.

Rumor has it that Dallas is moving off of Surtain II and onto Jaycee Horn (South Carolina), another excellent corner, but not as good as Surtain II in my view.

Another possibility is Micah Parsons (Penn State), an excellent player, but he is a linebacker, and there is too little tape on him because he opted out of the 20-21 season due to Covid-19. And there have been some off the field issues with him.

No, the Cowboys need defensive backfield help more than anything else, and I hope they will take Surtain II. They may have to tie Jerry Jones down and put a sock in his mouth, but if that’s what it takes…

All that being said, except for signing Dak, the Cowboys did little to improve themselves this off season, and remember, they were a bad team last year. Still, they might be able to prevail in the NFC Least with what they have plus some defensive upgrade from the draft.

After the quarterback/Pitts drama is settled, the rest of the draft should become more conventional. There are plenty of good offensive and defensive linemen on the board for teams whose quarterback position is settled.

The teams I am currently following since I’ve quit on the Cowboys – Arizona and Cleveland – upgraded themselves during the off season intelligently, and I expect both teams to be impressively competitive this season.

I’m ready for the draft and I can’t wait for the regular season to begin. We’re about to go into my annual summer of discontent, which runs from after the draft to the start of preseason games.

Thoughts on Events the Week of April 19

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George Floyd murder trial: The all-consuming news of the week was that Derek Chauvin, an office who had clearly been on the job too long, was found guilty of murdering George Floyd on all three counts. There was relief, even euphoria among blacks and civil rights activists over the verdict. Some even called it a reflection point in the saga of police brutality toward black citizens.

But I would remind us that this is one instance among countless others against black men and women that have gone the other way. One bright star in a universe of black holes. Innocent victims killed in almost as egregious circumstances where police weren’t held accountable, or even charged. If these incidents were plotted on a graph, Chauvin would be a single dot on the very tip of the bell-shaped curve.

And look what it took to get this conviction: a nine-and-a-half-minute video of the murder, several eyewitnesses, and perhaps most important, a number of other police officers testifying against Chauvin’s lethal behavior.

No, it is too soon for euphoria. Let’s see what happens next. There is some reason for hope.

Genocide: President Biden stated the obvious, calling what the Turks did to its Armenian citizens genocide, which the Turks have denied for 105 years.

Among the debated issues is whether what the Turks did was “genocide” or “crimes against humanity.” Since the Turks murdered or starved a million Armenians and drove another half million others out of the country and into the diaspora, I would say both. It’s this kind of nit picking that makes me tired sometimes.

I used to office across the street from the Turkish consulate in Los Angles, and every year at this time, Armenian Americans would protest in front of the consulate. As protests go, they were pretty mild, more like block parties, really. I’m not sure the protesters ever expected anything would change, and on most levels, I don’t think anything has. The Turks will go on denying and the 1.5 million Armenians murdered or dispersed are still murdered or dispersed.

But at least President Biden has put us on the right side of history and morality.

Worst state: Arizona: Ever since I took Arizona, my own personal residence, off the list of worst state candidates in favor of more egregiously bad ones, the state seems intent on trying to get back on the list. This week, they succeeded.

The Arizona senate – Republican controlled – is doing another recount of Arizona’s ballots in the 2020 presidential election. This despite the fact that there have already been three previous recounts conducted by authorized and experienced personnel, none of which found any discrepancies or errors, that the count has been certified at the state and federal level, and to state the obvious, Joe Biden is president and has been in the White House for months.

This latest recount is being done by rank amateurs – an outfit called Cyber Ninjas – which has little or no experience with such work and whose CEO is a notable conspiracy theory wingnut. What could possibly go wrong?

This recount serves no useful purpose other than to sew distrust about our voting system that has been working well. I used to be proud of Arizona’s voting integrity and procedures, but these shenanigans are a setback and Arizona richly deserves the worst state cup this week.

Thoughts on Events the Week of April 12

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Afghanistan: President Biden has announced he is pulling out all of the 2,500 U.S. troops still remaining atop this pile of rocks by September 11, the anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, which got us into this mess in the first place. Well, that and having a high functioning moron for president at the time.

This foreign relations initiative is our longest overdue, except for détente with Iran (1979) and Cuba, which dates back to 1959.

President Obama should have pulled out of Afghanistan the same night he announced that we had killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan on May 2, 2011, or at the very latest at the beginning of his second term in 2012. His failure to do so was one of his three big mistakes. He got rolled by our generals, many of whom are about as primitive thinking as the Taliban they oppose.

Hawks are screaming that as soon as we leave, the Taliban will take over and we will have to go back there again. Make no mistake: the Taliban will take over as soon as we leave, but we are never going back there again. Ever.

Among the myriad reasons we will not return to the pile of rocks that is Afghanistan when the Taliban returns is that much of the population there seems to be down with the Taliban’s strain of ultra-crazy Islam. It is an exceedingly primitive, backward place. Besides, with us gone they will return to fighting among themselves, and we now know where they live.

All I can say is, well done, President Biden, and channeling Margaret Thatcher, don’t go wobbly on me, Joe.

Uniquely Anglo-Saxon Political Traditions: Some Republicans are floating the idea that we should no longer put emphasis on the quantity of votes, but the quality of voters. By this Republicans mean they want to return to 1776 (retro enough for you?) when only white male landowners could vote, women could not, and all blacks were slaves and had no rights at all. Sounds like an odious brand of dog whistle racism and voter suppression to me.

Two of the worst of the worst congresspersons – Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA) and Paul Gosar (AZ), my own personal representative, announced that they are beginning a new caucus – the America First Caucus – specifically for the truest biggest bigots and xenophobes in the House to support this position, to which two more of the very worst – Louie Gohmert (TX) the undisputed stupidest sombitch in the House, and Mat Gaetz (FL) currently being investigated for sex trafficking minors, immediately announced that they would be happy to join.

Blowback was so swift and so fierce at this atavistic, unconstitutional position I am happy to report that even these four crazies and avowed sycophants of what’s his name, the former disgraced president, are walking it back.

Worst state: The cup returns to South Carolina this week, because Biden’s decision on Afghanistan evoked the expected response from Lindsay Graham, who as a disciple of John McCain, has never seen a war he doesn’t like and wants them to go on forever. What a douche! And what a sorry state that sent him to Congress.

Thoughts on Events the Week of April 5

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Bipartisanship on display: Moscow Mitch McConnell, the world’s most famous super waddle, and I finally agree on something, namely corporations should “stay out of politics.” Of course, we have different understandings of what this means.

For Moscow Mitch, this means don’t say anything critical of Republicans, say nasty things about Democrats, but keep sending money. For me it means, say anything you want, but stop sending money to either party.

Ever since the Supreme Court took the insane positions that corporations are people and money is speech, it opened the door to the worst of both. Corporations are free to speak, shout really, with wads of cash.

I would like to see corporations send lobbyists to Congresspersons with data, research, positions, etc. then take them to lunch at the local hot dog stand or Wendy’s, because that’s all they are permitted to spend, and no checks whatsoever, please.

The RNC donors aren’t listening…yet: On a related note, RNC donors met in Florida is discuss how best to use their money to bribe venal Congresspersons. What’s his name, the disgraced former president spoke, since the meeting was close enough that he could get home for supper, and called Moscow Mitch a dumb son of a bitch, which is diplomatic speak for dumb son of a bitch.

I take this as an indication that the civil war within the Republican Party isn’t over yet, and I am going to have to buy more popcorn to watch the next reel.

The Iranian Nuclear FUBAR: There were meetings in Geneva this week to see if the Iranian Nuclear Deal could be put back on track. The deal was one of President Obama’s finest achievements. What’s his name, the former disgraced president, backed out of the deal. It was perhaps his biggest blunder, which is really saying something.

Think what would have happened if what’s his name’s sanctions had actually worked. We would have ended up with another North Korea, a failed state with nukes.

Israel is upset we are even trying to restart the deal. Israel will always be an ally, I hope, but when it comes to our national interest, I wouldn’t trust Israel with my burnt match sticks, and certainly not any time soon (read anytime with Netanyahu in power).

Returning to the deal is a longshot. I’m not sure I would do it if I were Iran. We have proven to be an unreliable partner. Have I mentioned it’s time to get mostly out of the Middle East and leave those people to themselves?

EXTRA!!!: As I was about to write -30- to this edition, news came of yet another police shooting of a black man, this one with particularly bizarre circumstances.

The short version is the police pulled over a young black man for some minor offense, if any, and shot him to death. I’m sick and tired of the police turning misdemeanors into capital crimes and executing black men, and women, on the spot. I think almost everyone is.

But the bizarre twist in this case is that the police officer, a 26-year veteran on the force, threatened to taser the man but shot him instead. Apparently, she confused her gun for her taser.

This event screams poor training, extreme perversion of the police’s purpose, racial prejudice and possibly psychopathy. And why the hell would police use a gun for traffic stops anyway? A gun, or a taser, should never be drawn over a minor offense for any reason, yet it happens all the time. I’m on board for absolutely top-down reform of policing in America, which I have been since the drive by shooting of Timor Rice.

Worst state: Texas walks away with the cup this week because of the total body of work of its vile and incompetent politicians. The governor is a right-wing panderer. The lieutenant governor is a flat-out right-wing nut, Senator Cruz is, well, Senator Cruz, Representative Gohmert remains the dumbest sumbitch in the House and Senator Cornyn, who at least looks like a senator, joined the ranks Texas’ miscreant public officials by smearing President Biden for not being as unhinged as what’s his name, the disgraced former president.

And never forget the Texas voters who put every one of these people in office.